Wizard Seeking Wizard is made in Boston, in land that is the territory of the Massachusett and their neighbors the Wampanoag, and Nipmuc Peoples, who have stewarded this land for hundreds of generations. Today, Boston is home to thousands of Indigenous people from across Turtle Island, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to live and work here.

Meet The Wizards!

Creator: Max Kreisky (he/him)
Producer: Max Kreisky (he/him)
Lead Writer and Script Editor: Max Kreisky (he/him)
Co-Writer: Episodes 4-8,Wizmas Special:
Marc Campasano (he/him)
Additional Writers:
Each Wizard Ad written by the actor
Kenny Gray (he/him) and Will Gianetta (he/him) - Title and End Credits
Jake Isenhart (they/them) - Wizmas Special Theme
Audio Editor and Sound Designer:
(Episodes 1-4, Wizmas Special) Max Kreisky (he/him)
(Episode 5-9) Tal Minear (they/them)


Davis Waldenhe/himHyacinth HowellRomance@daviswaldeniv @theviridianwildwww.theviridianwild.com
Lilit Penrodthey/themBernadinatonRomance@Cheerio_Buffetwww.tabletopsquadron.com
Lauren Chapmanshe/herAnnie the 7th Year at HogwartsRomance@laurenchappa.
Jared Masonhe/himTurpin Muldoon, Seafaring SeerRomance@Jaredemason.
Leslie Gideonshe/herVladka the VictoriousRivalry@thelesliegideonhttps://thepathdown.com
Julia Riosshe/her they/themFlora BunnyhopRivalry@omgjulia @thisiswhy_podhttps://thisiswhywerelikethis.substack.com
Brad Colbroockthey/heIdrobuv the MeekRivalry@holographicvahttps://holographicva.carrd.co
Nathan Comstockhe/himImpervion the ImpreciseRivalry@Nathanacomstockhttps://www.stppodcast.com
Marc Campasanohe/himMeregund the TransfigurerCollaborators..
June Isenhartthey/themTim Gizzard, the Lizard WizardCollaborators@juneisenhartmessandfinesse.com/audio, https://missbones.bandcamp.com/releases
David Fouhyhe/himClatelon the Gilded Wizard of Bindings, Dean and Arch-Mage of Winterhold CollegeCollaborators. 
Bibek Gurunghe/himVizier Mashboo the Formerly ShiftyCollaborators@illbibek.
Aidan Kedzierskishe/herMinfestina RivenwobbleCollaborators..
Ramy Abdelghanihe/himPhuzohr Arrorass, Mage of the Salty DunesDark Secrets@delahk @misterbismuth.
Hannah Wrightshe/herTashlynda the TenaciousDark Secrets@chemicallywrit @inn_between_www.thegoblinshead.com
Grace Gistshe/herTippy Germaine, Sonic SorcererDark Secrets.pmrp.org
Achitha Sanganethythey/themSore ErrorDark Secrets@achithasang.
Raven Squirethey/themEwjior HoskinsFriendship@FentyFupa.
Josh Michelhe/himQuartzFriendship@LightbulbGrill.
Granthe/himThe Unkillable Zortho!Friendship@gen_ironicushttps://www.sixfeatsunder.com
Geoffrey Peltonhe/himFredegar of the Hundred Thousand TomesFriendship@thisiswhy_podhttps://thisiswhywerelikethis.substack.com
Robert Mulliganhe/himThe all powerful JeffOther@MuralGoblinadventureincpod.com
Bridget Copesshe/herMargoloth the Blood ArtistOther..
Bernard Deckohe/himGreyseer KraxxOther@ASaltyRathttps://www.twitch.tv/asaltyrat
Eric Trageserhe/himWeakbeardOther..
Tal Minearthey/themAstrophel, Wizard of the Stars!!!Rivalry part II@starplanes @sidequestingpodhttps://talminear.com
Stephen Colehe/himViggo the VävareRivalry part II@nemospecific.
Lex Lewisshe/her they/themConstella the AlmostRivalry part II@SerLexalot.
Damien CrawfordanyAntal Bloodbelly, son of Frigyes BloodbellyRivalry part II@DeveloperDamienhttps://cannibalinteractive.itch.io
Saloua Amarashe/herSonoria the SirenRomance part II@dewdrop_mf.
Maya Satinshe/herSekhmet of NeuroseRomance part II@jokewitchladyspikemedia.com
Kayleigh Kaneshe/herWendla, Friend to the WingedRomance part II@okayleighkane.
John Serpicohe/himThe Corpse BaronRomance part II@improvadvice.

Wizard Seeking Wizard is a comedy/variety fiction podcast about wizards dating.

Join Chemistro the Match Mage as he tries to keep himself sane through his eons of imprisonment in a crystal orb by helping wizards find one another.

Each episode features a selection of personal ads, each of which was written and performed by a member of the online community.

Join us on twitter after each episode to vote on which wizards date, then tune in for the next episode to hear how their date went.

Wizard Seeking Wizard will be releasing an 8-episode first season, with new episodes on the last Wednesday of each month, beginning August 2020.